iMETx, Inc., has the right strategy, medical research partners and management team to realize the full potential of its breakthrough technology advancement in deeply personalized physical activity plans to help improve the lives of chronically ill or deconditioned individuals

The validation of efficacy and feasibility of iMETx products have been shown in two clinical trials. We are in the process of moving to commercial applications.


The commercial market opportunities include:

  • Newly diagnosed individuals with a chronic disease. The purpose is to mitigate disease and treatment side effects to improve energy levels and quality of life.
  • Post-primary treatment/survivors of chronic disease. The scientific impact is activation of the cells in their body that will improve their health and reduce their risk of reoccurrence and other co-morbidity diseases.
  • Sedentary, deconditioned and high disease risk that have yet to be impacted. The result is a reduction in the risk of getting chronic disease and lower cost of healthcare.

Current Status

Incorporation of iMETx, Inc., a Madison-based company, was in January 2018.  Commercialization milestones completed include:

  • Clinical research studies #1 and #2 at Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center with breast cancer patients and survivors
  • QNBV status of $62,500 secured for future investor tax benefits.
  • Verbal commitments to use iMETx regimen with an Indiana oncologic wellness center, a Wisconsin-based cancer facility and self-insured business consortium.


Software automation and app development initiated for Power Protocol and iMETx Therapy – completion May 2019.